Employment Medicals

As part of the conditions of your employment your employer requires you to have a full medical examination. We require a signed consent form giving us permission to forward the results of your medical examination and tests to your employer.

This information sheet is to give you some idea of what is involved in an employment medical.

  1. Please bring any forms or other information about the medical examination that have been given to you by your employer.
  2. You should allow at least an hour for the examination and tests. Please be on time for your appointment.
  3. You are required to let us know about any ongoing medical problems that you have and about any serious past medical problems. This information will be included in a ‘health questionnaire’ that you will be asked to complete.
  4. Usually one of our Practice Nurses will see you first and run through a series of tests including checking your height and weight, checking your blood pressure, doing lung function tests, hearing tests and an eyesight check.
  5. Some employers require you to have a random urine test for drugs.
  6. Sometimes other tests will be required depending on the circumstances of your work and your past health.
  7. A doctor will then see you and discuss any important issues regarding your current and past health before doing a full clinical examination.
  8. It may be necessary for you to have blood tests done and the doctor will arrange these.

In order to prepare for the medical the following points should be noted.

  1. As you are required to undress for the examination it is appropriate to be clean and to be changed out of your work clothes. If this is not possible a shower is available at the Medical Centre. Please ask one of our receptionists about this.
  2. You will need to pass a urine sample so don’t go to the toilet just before the examination.
  3. The employment medical is not a suitable time to discuss concerns about particular medical problems or their treatment. If you would like to discuss these, a separate appointment can be made for this.
  4. Your employer pays for the medical so you will not be charged for it.
  5. You are entitled to know the results of your medical and be informed of any problems that are found.
  6. All information obtained during the medical is confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone other than your employer.

If you have any questions please ask the nurse or the doctor who is doing your medical.