Immigration Medicals

We have the facilities here in Whangamatā to complete an Immigration eMedical.

Please note: Until further notice we will be unable to provide immigration medicals.

Requirements and standard costs for a full eMedical effective from 1 May 2015.

Child under 11 Medical Exam  =  $200
Adult  Medical Exam  =  $250

You will need to book in advance as the medical requires a 1 hr appointment with a doctor.

You will be required to pay for your medical exam at the time of booking.

After your appointment at the medical centre, you will need:
  • an Xray which can be done at Whangamatā Community Xray (behind Whangamata Pharmacy) (approx cost $120);
  • a lab test which can be done at Pathlab (across the road from medical centre) (approx cost $100).
To book:
  • your Pathlab appointment ph: 07 865 7691
  • your Xray appointment ph: 07 865 9149

IMPORTANT – Please bring with you to your appointment
• Your Passport
• Glasses – please bring your glasses, or contact lenses for the eye testing

Please note that a urine sample is required to be done at WMC for the medical
(Women – please note that the medical cannot be completed during your period because the urine sample cannot be done during menstruation or within 3 days of it finishing.)
Please shower prior to your appointment and wear clean socks and underwear.