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Free Sexual Health consults for under 25s

A note for our younger patients… Shortland St, Home and Away, Desperate Housewives, The Almighty Johnsons and many more of the programmes we watch on TV these days are about relationships and often these relationships are sexual relationships.

But in the real world there are consequences associated with having sex.  As a doctor I assure you, you can get pregnant on the first time, glad wrap doesn’t work and using some of your friend’s contraceptive pills is bound to lead to mistakes…. And yes, I have heard these stories and more in my consulting room!

by Dr Sandie Moss

STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) are rife these days due to increased sexual freedom. Some STIs can have lifelong consequences effecting fertility and causing cervical cancer.

Becoming sexually active involves some adult decisions about keeping ourselves safe.  The soaps have it right that relationships often become intimate sexual relationships but they don’t show you the partners involved going to their doctor or local sexual health clinic with any unpleasant consequences.

Doctors, nurses and sexual health clinics are always happy to discuss these matters with you. They aim to help you make adult decisions about whether this is the right time in your life to become sexually active, initiate some contraception and ensure you know how to use this effectively and investigate and treat any possible STIs.

In Whangamatā we are lucky that we have funding for free sexual health checks and contraception for under 25 year olds.

NOTE: This applies to consultations only – repeat prescriptions are not covered and will incur a $20.00 fee,

The GARDISIL immunisation is free for under 20 year olds.

We aim to be affordable and approachable, helping to guide people with these important life-changing decisions.

Our nurses and doctors are all trained in contraceptive matters, taking smears and treating STIs.  We have the expertise to insert IUCDs (intra-uterine contraception device) and hormonal contraceptive implants (Jadelle) which give 5 years of  contraceptive cover.

The nearest sexual health clinic, which is also free, is Jacaranda House in Tauranga, next to Tauranga Hospital.

We also strongly recommend the GARDISIL immunisation against the human papilloma virus (HPV).
HPV can occasionally cause cervical cancer and if young people are immunised before they become sexually active we can minimize the risk of developing this cancer.

We are available 8.30 to 5.30 weekdays – just phone 07 865 8032 for an appointment with a doctor or nurse.

All consultations are strictly confidential.