Our Services

The Whangamata Medical Centre offers a wide range of administrative, nursing and medical services commensurate with its role in the provision of comprehensive rural primary health care. We also provide a full range of primary health care services.

Nursing Services

Nursing Services

Our nurses offer routine nursing services as well as speciality services.
Appointments with nurses are available during normal working hours, although emergencies are seen without an appointment.

Recalls – the nurses will contact you as a reminder for check-ups to help prevent disease eg cervical smears, childhood immunisations, influenza immunisations, INR appointments and cardio vascular risk assessments.

Telephone Advice – you may call a nurse for advice or for your test results.   If the nurses are particularly busy one will phone you back as soon as she is able.  Please let the receptionist know if it is an urgent call.

Full nursing services available include:

  • Full screening and recall system
  • Triage – including daily acute clinics
  • Wound management
  • Immunisations
  • Cervical smears
  • Plastering and fracture management
  • Family planning
  • Sexual health
  • Nutrition
  • Disease prevention
  • Nurse led clinics – Diabetes, Smoking, B4School, Warfarin Management, Asthma, Ear suction clinic

  • Audiograms
  • Vision testing
  • Spirometry
  • Counselling
  • Travel advice including vaccinations
  • Community nursing service
  • At risk youth / families
  • PRIME and on-call service
  • Teaching
  • Liaison with other community services